Good Omens

A lot of guilt is associated with not reading this book, which I have had for so long that someone looked at the cover and said, “$5.99? I didn’t know you could buy a paperback nowadays for $5.

The difference between me now and the me that bought the book years ago is that I’ve read Terry Pratchett’s “Wee Free Men” series and enjoyed it so much that I went and bought any books featuring the witches. They increased my tolerance for the outright silly and for Pratchett’s footnotes, both of which turned me off “Good Omens”.

Now, I appreciate the cleverness of the ridiculous things in the books and the sly digs. I enjoyed lots of things about this book, but it is not among my favorites.

The digs, the asides, the clever snark are fantastic, but something about it does not make it gel for me.

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