Book Interlude: The Silvered – Tanya Huff

I feel tricked. The blurb on the dust jacket mentioned mages and war, and I was unsure about purchasing the book. But eh, it’s Tanya Huff and I’ve always enjoyed her books.

And then I find out it’s a werewolf book.

Nothing wrong with that! I should have guessed from the title and the big black dog, sorry, wolf, on the cover.

I find myself skimming more than anything, not because I think it’s bad but because I am not sure I like the book. Mostly, I want to find out what happens and then decide if I want to read the book more slowly. It’s a bleak, depressing world full of imperialism and dubbing individuals “abominations,” and I am not sure I can enjoy the book without first realizing that it ends happily.

  1. Mage Warrior is my favorite combo too!!!

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