Olympus Has Fallen

This movie was saved from being the worst movie I’ve seen with M simply because no one got killed and roasted over an open flame. Yes. For our 2nd movie date, M wanted me to meet his friends and so he took me to see “Doomsday” with them.

To say I was displeased would be an understatement.

It’s not the almost-worst movie I’ve seen with M because of the plot, because I’ve also seen “Battleship” with him, but because of the violence. To be fair to M, he thought it would be something more like a “Die Hard” flick, and I love the “Die Hard” series. And Morgan Freeman is in it.

Hoo boy, this film is violent. It’s not gratuitous violence like some sort of torture-porn, but it takes great care to show you bullets ripping through people. There were knife fights and more physical violence of people getting beat up was there too, but I had my sweatshirt over my head and ears plugged the minute anything looked like it was going to get super violent.

There were serious holes in it, like there is no way any aircraft would get that close to the White House before getting shot down. Also, I’m pretty sure tourists still aren’t allowed to get that close to the White House.

I enjoyed Gerard Butler, Harvey Dent (who can’t seem to catch a break and who I remember fondly from “Thank you for Smoking”), and Morgan Freeman.

The female Asian bitchy sidekick is getting to be thing. I told M I’d be his bitchy female Asian sidekick for whenever he decides to turn evil. I’ve got at least 2 of those qualifications down pat already.

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