Monthly Archives: November 2014

Movie – “Interstellar”

M made a point about how I needed to do more things with him, things that he enjoys. Since I nixed 2 things, movies I’m not interested in (but he is) are something I’ve acquiesced to see. The first movie I caved to watch was “Fury.” I’m not going to talk about that one for a bit because wow, that was bleak. I spent a lot of time hiding behind my jacket.

I’m not into movies related to space or science fiction, which strikes me as odd because I used to love Star Trek TNG and DS9, and one of the first piece of sci-fi or fantasy (barring fairy tales) I read was “Flinx in Flux” by Alan Dean Foster.

Anyways, I was not interested in “Interstellar” and I was really against seeing it because I heard the science was bad. M really hates bad science related to fields he understands, and I didn’t want to sit next to him while he huffed and puffed in fury. But, he really wanted to see it, so we went.

It was the first time I’ve been in a movie theater so quiet. The movie itself was muted, which wasn’t shocking, and no one was whispering, eating loudly, or texting during the movie. Everyone was extremely absorbed in what was going on in the movie. It was stark and sobering to watch.

I thought it was good, actually. I wouldn’t watch it again, but it was worth watching in the theater.