Monthly Archives: December 2014

Movie – “Big Hero 6”

I was so pleased to see this movie a few weekends ago because:

  • Pixar movie!
  • It had been out for a month so there was almost no one in the theater!

  • The short before it, “Feast”, was adorable. I loved it, and I empathized with the dog and its need to eat delicious things. It reminded me a bit of a Golden Book named, “The Pokey Little Puppy,” what with both of them having dogs that ate delicious things. Needless to say, that was my favorite Golden Book.

    Anyways, I had no idea what “Big Hero 6” was going to be about besides ‘robots’; I just wanted to cash in on my movie credits with M before I lose the opportunity to even out the L:M movie ratio.

    Without going into spoilers, it was very cute. Hiro is a clever kid with no motivation who becomes driven to do bigger and better things because of his older brother’s influence. It’s set in a future San Franstokyo, which pretty muchy looks like San Francisco smushed together with a fanboy’s idea of what Japan is like: hills, trolleys, Asian buildings, cherry blossoms everywhere. It’s absolutely not Japan, just an ambiguous metropolitan city. A strangely clean metropolitan city.

    Big ol’ plot holes and very easy to figure out what’s up, but it’s not geared towards people my age, right? Kids would love this, and their chaperones would find a lot of things amusing, I think. Very cute, not particularly violent, and life’s lessons learned.